Introducing...Apples For Autumn: The Herefordshire Kir Normand Cocktail from Celtic Marches and British Cassis

The days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in, and whilst we can drink cider all year round, come rain or shine, we wanted to create something a little special to celebrate the changing of the seasons, and to support Visit Herefordshire's 'Apples For Autumn' campaign.

We turned to our friends at White Heron Drinks - purveyors of British Cassis and British Framboise and together we have created some stunning beverages for autumn and winter.

First up, the Herefordshire Kir Normand; traditionally made using Calvados (apple brandy) and French cider, in our version we've said 'au revoir' to the French bits and hollered a great big Herefordian 'Hello!' to British Cassis and our own Lily The Pink Cider. 

Ingredients (Serves 2).

20ml British Cassis
10ml Calvados (or apple brandy)
200ml Celtic Marches Lily The Pink Cider
Apple to garnish

Add a generous handful of ice to a goblet cocktail glass (less or none if using a champagne flute and the cider is cold)
Pour in 20ml of British Cassis
Add 10ml of Calvados or Apple Brandy
Top up with Celtic Marches Lily The Pink Cider
Add your apple garnish and serve!

 *We've chosen Lily The Pink for her medium fruitiness and gorgeous hue, which works so well with the depth of the Cassis. For a lower alcohol version, use our Holly GoLightly.

Ready to try it?

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