Has anyone tried pressing the reset button for 2020?

Gosh! Where to begin? In such strange times it has a been fantastic to see the positivity and support from and for local businesses and producers.

Celtic Marches are adapting so we can continue with our work. We hope that our wonderful suppliers and stockists can weather this storm. We’re being as supportive as we can during this difficult and testing time.

Farming in the UK doesn’t come to a stop even though 2020 seems to have been placed on pause. We tried unplugging it, waiting 10 seconds and plugging it back in…it didn’t work.

Our orchards and hops still grown and our livestock still needs daily care. We know it is imperative that those that can self-isolate do so. Whilst the majority of our small and dedicated team are working from home, we still have to continue. Production is limited but we are still able to deliver locally (it’s definitely a drop and go service) and we have the fantastic support of our online stockists and supermarkets.

It’s been great to see the support for local farmers and producers. We’re seeing our local breweries, bread makers, distilleries, independent shops and restaurants offering free deliveries. Please make use of these – your purchase isn’t just for one item; it helps support a whole trail of production.

We love our Pip to Pint story and during these times it gives a quick insight into the production process. At each stage of creation, your simple pint of cider has journeyed a long way before it finally reached you.

We create our ciders from scratch. It takes time…a lot of time. Our trees have been cared for over many years (with 200 acres of traditional cider orchards we have lot to care for!), they’re picked, pressed and processed on our family farm. The juice is fermented in our huge tanks for a minimum of 9 months. They then move on to be blended to our specific recipe at Marches Bottling and Packaging and finally put into their packaging. It might be a can, a bottle, a bag in box or a keg. However it reaches you, know that perfect golden drop has been cared for by our incredibly skilled and dedicated team from pip to pint.

We ask that during these trying times, you support our farm, our wonderful team and your local economy by enjoying a drink from us in the comfort of your own home!

For FREE local delivery within 15 miles of our farm SHOP HERE

For national delivery visit www.celticmarches.com

For all other queries contact: EMAIL US or call 01885 489812 ext 1.

Our product range

Quality Herefordshire Cider

We produce authentic quality Herefordshire cider on our farm in Bishops Frome. We are committed to producing artisan products with the care and compassion of a small local cider maker.

However we have the capacity to produce for national and international distribution. We have recently been awarded PGI – Protected Geographical Indicator which authenticates our ciders are genuine Herefordshire ciders made from Herefordshire cider apples.
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Celtic Marches are a craft cider producer, producing craft cider in Hereford, Herefordshire. As a UK Cider Maker Celtic Marches employ expert Craft Cidermakers to create award winning cider.