Time to get a little fruity?

Time to get a little fruity?

Are you ready for summer? Celtic Marches are!

Come rain or shine, we’ve got this summer covered. Celtic Marches have been busy creating a fruit filled summer trio; Strawberry and Lime, Wild Berries and Mango. Each is lightly carbonated, lifting the fresh fruit flavours that’ll fill you with summer sunshine, even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside (Oh we do love a British summer!).

Strawberry and Lime has a sweet, fresh-crushed strawberry nose and the subtle, zingy, citrus finishing note of lime. This 4% cider is a bursting blend of citrus and sweet. The sweet and sour of the strawberries and lime have been carefully balanced and lightly mellowed by the Herefordshire cider apples used to create it.

Wild Berries is a medium craft cider bursting with the quintessential taste of the Herefordshire hedgerow. A rich blend of wild berries creates its deep crimson tone. The delicate strawberry nose comes through leaving the wonderful afternotes of the bramble blackberries finish.

Mango is full of this rich exotic fruit, expertly blended with the juice of our homegrown Herefordshire cider apples. With a lightly balanced sweetness, gentle sparkle, this smooth and sophisticated crafty drop is an easy drinking taste of the tropics.

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