Sunrise Festival

Sunrise Festival

Have you got your tickets yet for one of the best eco-friendly festivals around? If you are passionate about locally sourced food and drink and conscious about the impact your choices have on our one and only planet, this may be the festival for you! During 16th-18th August, the popular Sunrise Festival will once again be opening its gate for a weekend of fun for both body and mind.

After a few years of moving about, the Sunrise Festival’s found its permanent location. It is held in the idyllic Herefordshire Hills on the Kentchurch Estate. The festival is the embodiment of organic living with the ethos of sustainability in a family friendly environment. Not only is there live music at the festival but there are also workshops and activities for all ages. Activities include circus skills and slacklining. There is also a skate park to try out! There will be talks by quest speakers and workshops on how to be more eco-friendly.

It is a shared belief between the Sunrise Festival and Celtic Marches that we should look after our planet and that the best way to do that is by protecting what we have and making conscious efforts to put back into the Earth. As a self-sustaining cider producer, we have nurtured our orchards over 7 generations. We create our Herefordshire craft cider from our own homegrown apples taken from our 200 acres of orchards.
We manage our orchards and maintain the trees for their full life. We work with our farmscape, not against it. Our apples are grown, picked and pressed on site and our sister company, Marches Bottling and Packaging is only 5 miles away from the farm, keeping our productions impact on the environment to a minimum.

With our shared values, our cider is the perfect addition to this very applaudable festival. Keep your eyes out for our Slack Alice, Silver Medallist at The Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) 2018, Bronze Medallist at the Japan Cider & Perry Awards 2018 and the International Cider Challenge 2018. Alice is a medium well-rounded cider with a moreish sharpness. At 4.6% she is slightly drier than our other medium cider, Thundering Molly, yet still mellow with a very slight tart finish; a result of the balanced blending of our homegrown cider apples. This craft cider is a true Herefordshire delight! So get yourself to the bar and enjoy a nice refreshing drop of Alice, proudly produced in the same county that you will be drinking it in. Slack Alice is also suitable for vegans and is gluten free.

Joining our amazing Herefordshire Craft Cider is Bunny Hop from our friends at Purity Brewing Bunny Hop is an extra hopped pale ale brewed with Maris Otter, Lager Malt, Cara Pils and Wheat Malts. It is generously hopped with Pilgrim, Eureka, El Dorado and Chinook. Bunny Hop is a bold beer, which perfectly balances its low abv of 3.5%, pale malts and powerful hops with an IBU 55. This vegan craft beer compliments the festivals sustainable ethos perfectly.

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