Spiny Norman checks into Celtic Marches’ Hog Hotel

Spiny Norman checks into Celtic Marches’ Hog Hotel

With hedgehogs featuring on the Abrahall’s family crest, it’s won’t be a surprise that we are lovers of these gorgeous native mammals. Hedgehogs are the only spiny mammal in the UK, it’s still common to spot these little fellas but over the last 20 years there has been a sharp decline in their numbers – almost a third!

We’ve been doing out bit to help the hogs. Our Hog Hotel is currently home to Spiny Norman, aptly named by English Country Life over on twitter, although we’re glad he isn’t as big as he was in the Monty Python sketches! Dinsdale!

Chris Palmes, our Ops Director, and his wife, Nikki have built this luxurious pad for Spiny Norman. It comes complete with the finest free bedding leaf refills, water and hog nibbles. As with all top end hotels, a not so mini bar is included with Norm’s stay…he seemed quite pleased with his lookalike on the Abrahalls Cider bottle!

Hedgehogs usually go into hibernation from November to March, but you might see some hogs mooching about well into November. They may not have found the right spot for the winter. There are plenty of ways to help them now, and throughout the year. It will also encourage them into your garden.

1. Free spirits! Hedgehogs like to roam and we like to fence…try and find a spot where a gap can be left for these fellas to wander through
2. Go wild! Keep a little space wild. It will offer shelter and food
3. Buy or build a hedgehog house – there are plenty of resources online to help
4. Keep it clean! Litter injures and they can get stuck. If you see some litter, pick it up and pop it in the bin
5. Beep Beep! Be careful on the roads, these nocturnals can be dazzled by cars and lights. Hedgehogs roll up into a ball when they get scared

For updates on Spiny Norman, we’ll be posting from the #HogCam on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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