Smashing Score for Smashed Apple Soft Cider

Smashing Score for Smashed Apple Soft Cider

Smashed Apple received sterling reviews this month from two national newspapers, The Mirror and The Express. Both gave the non-alcohol cider an almost perfect score 9.5/10 score. It was judged to have a “very authentic taste, so much so you could be fooled into thinking that it was the real thing”. This “Absolutely lovely” cider’s taste test score was shared with the papers readship of over 1 million people. It’s score saw it voted as the best alcohol free product in the market including Beer, Wine, Gin and Vodka.

Drynks Unlimited created Smashed Apple with the intent of putting the fun back into drinking minus the alcohol content and the awful ‘beer fear’ that you get after a heavy night drinking alcohol. Combining old school methods with modern techniques, Drynks Unlimited have produced a product that is filled with the taste of the alcohol version, without the effects.

The base used for this amazing product is Celtic Marches very own Herefordshire Craft Cider. Our base cider is produced using Herefordshire cider apples grows on our family farm in Bishops Frome. Celtic Marches produces the base cider for Drynks Unlimited, it is then taken away to be dealcoholized. This process can remove nearly all of the alcohol without taking away the homegrown cider apple taste.

What we are left with is a golden, slightly opaque sparkling liquid with the fresh inviting aroma of English apples. The taste delivers pure refreshment with a perfect balance of sharpness, sweetness and bite. The initial refreshing upfront green apple taste is perfectly complimented with a great mouthfeel and a satisfying mature English cider finish. It’s refreshingly moreish.

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