Rural Businesses Telegraph News Article

Rural Businesses Telegraph News Article

Local cider firm Director, Susan Vaughan, was recently interviewed by the Telegraph newspaper. The piece discusses the importance of location for SME’s (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) and how it can affect the profitability of a company.

Some businesses need the major city postcode but this does not apply to Celtic Marches as a rural enterprise and Craft Cider Producer, Celtic Marches benefits from their Herefordshire location. It is where their core ingredient is grown and the final product created. Provenance is key to a craft cider firm. It reinforces the authenticity, heritage and allows for full control over production. Celtic Marches ciders are all PGI certified. Similar to a ‘Cornish Pasty’, ‘Herefordshire Cider’ is a protected title, only to be used by those who hold their PGI certification. To gain authorisation, you must be able to prove that the product is truly Herefordshire Cider. It is important that the title is used correctly and understood, especially in a high concentration of cider makers in the market, some of which use concentrate rather than the cider apples you see growing on the Celtic Marches Estate. It helps set us apart in the bustling cider market. A unique selling point gained by a producer based on their location is a definite plus when used correctly.

Celtic Marches have 200 acres of cider apple orchard, a commercial press on site, gigantic fermentation tanks and a highly skilled and dedicated team, the majority of which are local to the firm. It is only a short drive from the Estate at Bishop Frome estate to the Marches Bottling and Packaging facility in Bromyard, carbon footprint is kept as low as possible from pip to pint. Celtic Marches, with the help of their sister company Marches Bottling and Packaging, have full control over their production. Both companies are firm local assets, supporting the local community through permanent employment and other local companies through sponsorships. As both continue to thrive in a difficult financial climate, their orchard, their team and their successes look set to grow.

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