Mulling It Over

Mulling It Over

A PROLONGED spell of warm weather and a healthy dose of football saw cider sales bolstered in bars across the country this summer. But the party isn’t over, say drinks firms, who reckon there are opportunities to grow cider sales throughout the winter...

Collette Cumbes of craft cider firm, Celtic Marches, echoed Burns’ view.
She told SLTN that mulled cider is “finding increasing popularity over the winter months, as are fruit ciders”, but added that there is more than one reason that cider sales continue to grow.
“The movement of cider from the back fridges to the taps has improved its sales,” she explained.
“With cider taps on the increase, cider sales and its popularity are seeing a significant rise. Operators should consider a permanent cider tap for their bars and aim to offer an apple cider alongside a fruit option.”
However, Cumbes added that stocking a mix of draught and packaged cider allows licensees “to meet a wider range of customer needs”.

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