International recognition for Herefordshire craft cider firm

International recognition for Herefordshire craft cider firm

We’ve only gone and done it again! Celtic Marches have picked up another three awards at this year’s International Cider Challenge.

The International Cider Challenge 2019 is a hugely recognised and prestigious competition that brings together the very best packaged ciders. It attracts cider makers of all sizes from around the globe. Ciders in each category are independently judged via blind taste tests. Judges focus on taste, aroma and appearance.

Celtic Marches are thrilled to receive the awards after entering three of our latest additions into this competition.

Wild Berries, one of Celtic Marches new fruit range, was entered in the ‘Cider with fruits and flowers’ category. This fruity number was awarded a Bronze medal. This medium craft cider is bursting with the quintessential taste of the Herefordshire hedgerow. A rich blend of wild berries creates its deep crimson tone. The delicate strawberry nose comes through leaving the wonderful afternotes of the bramble blackberries finish.

Toffy Dora was also awarded a Bronze medal in the ‘Herbs and Spices’ category because of its light bodied natural toffee flavours. Toffy Dora is a new addition for 2019 and was sure to hit the sweet spot. Our Herefordshire Cider has been carefully blended with natural toffee flavours to create this 4% light bodied quaffable golden cider. It is truly a sweet sensation.

Clementine Perry picked up Silver in the ‘Fruits and Flowers’ category with its delicate clean taste. Made using real pears, Celtic Marches 4% Clementine Perry will have you singing ‘Oh my darling!’. Our perry’s delicate taste is perfectly partnered with the light mouthfeel and fresh citrus of Clementine. This blend retains its vibrancy and the delightful clean taste of perry.

It's been a fantastic year for Celtic Marches, these three medals from the International Cider Challenge join our 2019 awards collection from GLINCAP USA and The International Cider Awards. As an independent, single estate craft cider producer it is great to see our hard work and dedication recognised within the cider industry.

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