Holly GoLightly Low Alcohol new 330ml cans

Holly GoLightly Low Alcohol new 330ml cans

Following on from the success of Celtic Marches low alcohol cider Holly Golightly in 500ml bottles, we’ve now launched it in a 330ml can. Created using real Herefordshire cider apples, even at 0.5%ABV, this craft cider still retains its authentic taste without the side effects of a traditional higher ABV option.

Holly is light and fresh. This silver medallist’s low alcohol label is not to be underestimated. With plenty of body, a touch of acidity as the end note and the wonderful tannin aftertaste that only 100% pressed cider apples can give. This lady is a full flavoured medium cider with strong roots in our range.

There has been a significant rise in people choosing low and no alcohol options. There are lots of reasons why people have started to make this change including healthier lifestyle choices and the “free from” movement which has embedded itself within the mainstream drinks market. Possibly, one of the biggest advantages to drinking low alcohol products would be the very distinct lack of hangover the next day, whilst still feeling like you’re enjoying a drink.

The new 330ml cans are the perfect size for picnics and BBQs over the summer as well as saving huge amounts of space on bar shelves and fridges. Our cans are 100% recyclable, we try where possible to reduce the impact on the planet and encourage recycling and reuse.

Holly has just won a Silver at the BBI 2019 Awards! We think that Holly is amazing but don’t just take our words for it read the latest review of our Holly GoLightly from Low Brews: http://www.lowbrews.com/holly-golightly/
For more information, please contact the Celtic Marches Office on 01885 489812 or email enquiries@celticmarches.com

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