GSN- Gay Star News Influencer Event

GSN- Gay Star News Influencer Event

During the Summer Celtic Marches supported Gay Star News by supplying them with some of our Ciders for an influencers event that was being held at the GSNs Embassy building in London.

Ciders at the event were:

Thundering Molly
who is beautiful to the core, palate pleasing and a lightly sparkling medium cider that is far from mediocre! She is a meticulously balanced cider with a golden glow. This scrumptious sip is smooth, well rounded and has a wonderful apple nose. A signature quality of our homegrown Herefordshire Cider apples.

Lily the Pink Winner
of the Gold Award at the International Cider Challenge 2018, Bronze at The Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) 2018 and the Japan Cider & Perry Awards 2018. Our golden girl is a medium fruity cider with a gorgeous delicate hue. Made using 100% cider apples, from our very own Herefordshire farm, Lily has an intense fruity aroma. This easy drinking cider is very quaffable!

Slack Alice Silver Medal Winner at The Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) 2018, and Bronze medallist at the Japan Cider & Perry Awards 2018 and the International Cider Challenge 2018. Alice is a medium well-rounded cider with a moreish sharpness. At 4.6% she is slightly drier than our other medium cider, Thundering Molly, yet still mellow with a very slight tart finish; a result of the balanced blending of our homegrown cider apples. This cider is a true Herefordshire delight!

Influencers are people on Social Media and Youtube that have a large following of people due to their views, ideas and content that they create and post. They are the perfect way to spread positive messages about any issues that society has; as well as spreading true facts rather than #fakenews.

The event was a collaboration between GSN and LGBTI influencers Helen Scott (presenter) and Char Bailey (life coach). This event was held to celebrate the communities of the online content creators who have adopted the #PositiveInfluence. Which is a commitment to using their online community to spread positive messages and thoughts.

During the event there were live talks and performances bringing together the biggest and most popular influencers, content creators and Youtubers who are involved and part of the LGBTI community and they all enjoyed Celtic Marches Herefordshire Ciders!

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