Great Taste Award for a Great Tasting Craft Cider

Great Taste Award for a Great Tasting Craft Cider

We got one! A Great Taste Award! A Black and Gold star is possibly the most recognisable and prestigious award available to the fine food and drink market in the UK. We’re so pleased to have received one this year.

The Great Taste Awards started in 1993. The fine food and drinks market were at their lowest; mainly due to a decline in small local producers. A group of enthusiastic foodies came together to form the Fine Food Guild. Promoting not only themselves but everyone that still strived to be the best of the best in the food industry. Following the success of the Fine Food Guild, they went on to create the Great Taste Awards. The awards celebrate everything amazing about the food and drink that we buy.
Since 1993 the Great Taste Awards have seen considerable growth, not only of the number of products that are getting submitted but also the amount of judges that take part in the blind taste tests. It takes 70 days and over 500 judges to blind taste test 12,500+ products. One of those products this year was our low alcohol cider, Holly GoLightly.

Holly is light and fresh with a 0.5% ABV. Her low alcohol label is not to be underestimated. With plenty of body, a touch of acidity as the end note and the wonderful tannin aftertaste that only 100% pressed cider apples can give. This lady is a full flavoured medium cider with strong roots in our range.

The judges commented that Holly had an “…enticing pale gold colour” with a “delicate aroma” describing her as “refreshing” and saluted “the amount of flavour they have achieved for a cider that is virtually a non-alcoholic tipple”

We are absolutely delighted that our Holly GoLightly is getting the same recognition as her sisters. Holly completes Celtic Marches’ international award winning core range of ciders; Thundering Molly, Lily the Pink, Slack Alice, Ruby Tuesday, Cracklin’ Rosie and Cuckoo Penny.

If you would like to find out more about Holly, or any of our other products, please visit our website or contact us on 01885 489812 opt

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