G&C, a Herefordshire twist on a classic drink

G&C, a Herefordshire twist on a classic drink

Celtic Marches love supporting our local community but this doesn’t only stop with the people around us, we also love creating tantalising products with some of Herefordshire’s top local producers.

We have created a limited edition cider with a twist. In collaboration with our good friends Penhros Spirits, based in Kington. Penrhos have started producing small batch hand made Artisan Gins; distilled in their 150L copper still, housed within their 250-year-old repurposed cow shed.

They have used their farming expertise to create top class award winning gins. The incredible flavours are a result of using provincial botanicals that they have been farmed, foraged and sourced locally to Kington estate, these include the fragrant cherry blossom and homegrown blueberries.

As fellow Herefordshire ambassadors, Penrhos were an ideal candidate for a winning collaboration. We asked our master blenders at Celtic Marches to work with our friends at Penrhos to develop our latest limited edition Herefordshire Craft Cider. Hey presto, our 4% G&C was created! Blending our finest Herefordshire craft cider with Penrhos’ premium dry gin has produced a surprisingly smooth cocktail. Bursting with botanicals, it captivates the essence of the orchards and enhances the taste journey. Subtle notes of cherry blossom linger after the delicate sweet honey mouthfeel. The pure gin afternotes are perfectly executed, with pink pepper, cardamom and rose petals gently lifting through the cider.

G&C is now available in our 20L Bag In Boxes, for more information or to place your order, contact Celtic Marches on enquiries@celticmarches.com or call 01885 489812 opt.1.

If you would like to find out more about Herefordshire’s award winning gins, visit our friends at Penhros: www.penrhosspirits.co.uk

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