Crafty Nectar and Celtic Marches Collaboration

Crafty Nectar and Celtic Marches Collaboration

Celtic Marches are proud to say that No. 7, their collaboration with Crafty Nectar, has been recommended by Inapub magazine as one of their most recommended ciders for this summer. This medium and mellow cider has been a massive hit since its release. With its slight carbonation and pale-yellow colour, this delicious cider is a super summer drop. It is a very well-balanced cider with an initial hit of fresh bittersweet cider apples on the palate, followed by a delicate dryness coming through towards the end. Check out the full review here:

The second collaboration with Celtic Marches, saw the creation of Crafty Nectar No.8. This fruity number has been voted by the I News paper as the best flavoured cider this summer. The zingy rhubarb cider proves that within cider opposites do attract. The medium dry cider base enhances the floral rhubarb sweetness. The fresh juice of the Yorkshire Triangle rhubarb gives No.8 its distinctively sweet yet tart flavouring and an eye pleasing light haze. For the full review on Crafty Nectar No. 8, follow the link:

Crafty Nectar is a joint venture by two very good friends, with a keen taste for craft cider. Sourcing from independent cider producers, they began the UK’s first craft cider subscription boxes; opting for cider which were free from concentrate, gluten and artificial flavourings. The success of their subscription boxes and knowledge of the cider market led them to Celtic Marches orchard gates. Here the pair worked with us to create two ciders that ticked all the boxes cider consumers were craving for.

Offered full traceability and transparency, from pip to pint, Ed and James were able to create two craft ciders with Celtic Marches, both of which were packaged by sister company, Marches Bottling and Packaging. For more information on Crafty Nectar No.7 and No.8 ciders, check out

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