Cider Instead of Wine with Food

Cider Instead of Wine with Food

As the craft cider market grows, so does the discerning palate of its drinkers. Replacing its dry wine counterpart in recipes, it now features in sweet and savoury dishes. No longer just Sausage and Mash champion, we see it included in Pad Thai and, the classic, Chicken Casserole. A modern cider with a fruit twist is a scrumptious partner to bar snacks, favouriting a Scotch egg.

Natural acidity, tannins and ranging sweet fruitiness offers a palette pleasing effect when paired with certain foods. Tastes can be amplified when correctly paired with contrasting flavours.

Focusing on the qualities of the cider you can use its sweetness or acidic characteristics to enhance food. Think outside the comfort zones of pork and cheese for cider pairings. 

Cider is having a wider appeal, consumers are questioning its authenticity and provenance. The demand for transparency and high quality will continue as the craft market grows.


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