Can you believe it Celtic Marches Can.......

Can you believe it Celtic Marches Can.......

We are on trend with our latest release of 330ml cans. Craft cider continues to hold its ground in the ever-changing market. With a thanking nod to the craft beer market raising the profile of cans, cider is swiftly moving in the same direction.


We are a single-estate apple cider producer. All apples used in our ciders are taken from our 200 acre orchards on the family farm. We have full control over our cider production from tree to glass. Recently awarded PGI status, you can be assured that only Herefordshire apples are used in our craft cider.


Offering a mix of packaging, from bottles to BIBs, doliums to kegs; canning was the next step in our fast growing portfolio. Maintaining traditional values and respect for our provenance, their branding places modern twist on the range.


With consumer demands heightening, these lightweight aluminium cans provide a lower carbon footprint, improved storage and display capabilities as well as being easily recycled.  A perfect solution for conscious and space restricted venues, our ciders are suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

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