Bronze, Silver and Gold at the GLINTCAP

Bronze, Silver and Gold at the GLINTCAP

We came, we saw, we conquered! Celtic Marches have been busy picking up more awards! This time our ciders popped across the pond to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry competition held.

GLINTCAP is becoming one of the largest Cider and Perry competitions in the world. It saw over 1600 entries this year, not including a significant amount of unfortunate entries not getting to the competition (trouble at customs). With this number of entrants from all over the world it is a great opportunity for ciders to be judged at an international level.

Celtic Marches picked up a Bronze, Silver and Gold as all three entries were awarded medals in their individual classes.

Toffy Dora was was awarded a Bronze medal in the ‘Specialty Cider and Perry’ category because of its light body and natural toffee flavours. Toffy Dora is a new addition for 2019 and was sure to hit the sweet spot. Our Herefordshire Cider has been carefully blended with natural toffee flavours to create this 4% light bodied quaffable golden cider. It is truly a sweet sensation.

Clementine Perry picked up Silver in the ‘Fruit Cider’ category with its delicate clean taste. Made using real pears, Celtic Marches 4% Clementine Perry will have you singing ‘Oh my darling!’. Our perry’s delicate taste is perfectly partnered with the light mouthfeel and fresh citrus of Clementine. This blend retains its vibrancy and the delightful clean taste of perry.

But the big winner of the day for Celtic Marches was Cuckoo Penny picking up their first gold at GLINTCAP! A beautiful blend of Yorkshire Triangle Timperley Rhubarb Juice and our Herefordshire Cider creates the quintessential taste of the English Countryside. A medium cider with the subtle tart of rhubarb juice giving a refreshing bite at the end.

We’re going to need a bigger awards cabinet soon!

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