Cider Brewery Herefordshire

The number of cider breweries in Herefordshire has steadily grown over the past 350 years. With around 200 acres of commercial cider apple orchards and a few acres of traditional orchards, Celtic Marches’ cider brewery in Herefordshire is also experiencing somewhat of a steady growth.

The Celtic Marches cider brewery in Herefordshire has orchards that are located on the south facing side of the Frome Valley, so the apples can absorb the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Around 3 million litres of cider is produced from the Herefordshire cider brewery and is exported and distributed worldwide.

Brother and sister duo Susan Vaughan and Robert hancocks are the brains behind the Celtic Marches cider brewery in Herefordshire. Whilst Susan focuses her efforts on sales and marketing, Robert finds his place out in the orchards making the unique craft cider.

Cider Brewery Herefordshire - Quality Assurance
Celtic Marches craft cider is closely monitored, from the growing of the apples to the packaging of the products. Each batch is tasted before it is packaged to make the sure the product is of the highest quality.

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