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Cider, an alcoholic drink made by fermenting apple juice, dates back to around 55 BC. Originally produced solely with apples, cider brands can now be found to be offering a multitude of flavours from raspberry and rhubarb to passionfruit and elderflower. Cider brands have carved their way to become a staple drink on all bars, with the choice of cider brands growing every year.

Celtic Marches has been an established cider brand for over 10 years and they strive to offer a range of award winning products with an authentic quality, and flavours to suit all drinking palets.

If you’d like advice on which cider brands to stock, we’d be more than happy to discuss our cider range with you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01684 569142.

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As a British cider brand, the Celtic Marches farm in Bishops Frome, Herefordshire has 200 acres of craft cider apple orchards, with 1-5 tonnes of apples for acre. The capacity for expansion is exponential and they feel like they haven’t even begun! This makes Celtic Marches an ideal wholesale apple cider producer.

Cider Brand

Celtic Marches craft cider is closely monitored, from the growing of the apples to the packaging of the products. Each batch is tasted before it is packaged to make the sure the product is of the highest quality.

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Our Herefordshire produced craft cider is now available to purchase online. Click here to see the full range. Do you have any questions for us? Then send us an email to or use our contact form here.


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