British Cider

British cider has its roots in the county of Herefordshire, where brother and sister, and Celtic Marches owners, Susan Vaughan and Robert Hancocks grew up. Their life has always been surrounded by British cider, which inspired them into creating British cider brand Celtic Marches.

Susan and Robert’s family farming business in Herefordshire and Wales has been producing fruits and hops for over 100 years. Through this extensive experience and knowledge which has been passed down from generation, Susan and Robert understand the value of quality British cider and have the skills to be producing the best cider in Britain.

Their farm in Herefordshire has 200 acres of British cider apple orchards, with 1-5 tonnes of apples for acre. The capacity for expansion is exponential and they feel like they haven’t even begun!

British Cider - Quality Assurance
Celtic Marches British cider is closely monitored, from the growing of the apples to the packaging of the products. Each batch is tasted before it is packaged to make the sure the product is of the highest quality.

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Our British cider is now available to purchase online. Click here to see the full range. Do you have any questions for us? Then send us an email to or use our contact form here.



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