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We produce authentic quality Herefordshire cider on our farm in Bishops Frome. We are committed to producing artisan products with the care and compassion of a small local cider maker. However we have the capacity to produce for national and international distribution. We have recently been awarded PGI – Protected Geographical Indicator which authenticates our ciders are genuine Herefordshire ciders made from Herefordshire cider apples.
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Nell Gwynne Cuckoo Penny
11/09/2019 03:43

Our account managers, Collette & Rachel, couldn’t resist taking our Penny to Pen... View on Instagram

10/09/2019 10:08

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10/09/2019 05:58

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06/09/2019 01:54

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04/09/2019 08:22

Say hello to Thundering Polly! This little one seems to be confuggled and flew ... View on Instagram

30/08/2019 10:38

Loving the love for @drynkssocial Smashed Cider! Grab a copy of @bbcgoodfood mag... View on Instagram

29/08/2019 07:57

We can’t complain about yesterday’s rain 🌧 our orchards loved it! Looks like it... View on Instagram

23/08/2019 07:07

You’ll have to taste it to believe it! 🍨 This intriguing Herefordshire cider ta... View on Instagram

18/08/2019 12:53

We won the rounders match! Woooo!!! Now on to the cricket 🏏 #sponsorsday #ledb... View on Instagram

14/08/2019 11:11

Keeping it local, we’ve teamed up with our fellow multi award winning cousins to... View on Instagram

13/08/2019 09:10

FACT: All our ciders are suitable for left handers. Good job really...most of th... View on Instagram

12/08/2019 08:49

🧐📰 9.5/10 What a smashing score! @thedailyexpressuk and @dailymirror both agre... View on Instagram

08/08/2019 06:32

We’re not just about the cider apples (...well most the time we are 🍎 🍏) We al... View on Instagram

06/08/2019 11:31

Our super, award winning, low alcohol cider, Holly GoLightly is available in 500... View on Instagram

05/08/2019 03:29

We recently joined SICA! Our cider qualifies for their 90% juice mark 🙌 To cel... View on Instagram

02/08/2019 05:13

CAN you believe it’s Friday again already?! Our girls have been hanging out in o... View on Instagram

29/07/2019 12:05

What a weekend! It’s always a great one when it kicks off with the #CelticMarche... View on Instagram

26/07/2019 11:39

Refreshingly Low 🍻 Our delicious 0.5% cider is now available in 330ml cans. Ch... View on Instagram

19/07/2019 08:31

Hello Friday! The orchards are getting a watering today, it’d be rude for us not... View on Instagram

15/07/2019 12:39

We can’t promise a match like the World Champs gave yesterday...but we can promi... View on Instagram

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