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from the Celtic Marches team at Wyer Croft.

For eight generations we’ve been busy farming 200 acres of luscious lined orchards. Chosen for growth and taste profiles, eight cider apple varieties are grown, pressed and blended with precision to create our international award-winning ciders.

As one of the UK’s largest self-sustaining single estate cider producers we’re proud of our genuine heritage, provenance and traceability as well as sustainability. Awarded PGO status, you can be assured that only Herefordshire apples are used in our craft cider.

Our team are recognised for their skills, passion for quality and consistent drive for a premium craft cider. Our bold branding stands out from the norm and we shake off the traditional approach to cider. Our core range reflects the team behind them!

With our ‘Pip to Pint’ approach, we offer consistent quality and award-winning taste profiles with a key focus and ability to adapt with changing trends. Our ability to follow market trends is not compromising and maintaining traditional values and respect for our provenance will always be core. We stay true to our craft and are dedicated to working with our farmscape, never against it.

Thank you for supporting our orchards with every sip!

Sue, Rob & The Team

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